About Khwahish

instagram & youtube consultant

I am google certified digital marketer . I had helped over 1000+ Influencers, local business, Page admins to grow on Instagram and youtube. I am providing consultancy from last 3 years.  

Khwahish Jain – My Story

Hello! I’m khwahish Jain from India. I work as an Instagram & YouTube Marketing Consultant. Since 3 years, I’ve been doing it. I’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Moreover, I have given around 1000+ Instagram & 10+ Youtube consultancy. If you require Instagram or YouTube Consultancy, I can assist you! I concentrate on the return on investment ( ROI ). I recommend what you can do for YouTube Marketing based on your business and marketing goals, whether it’s SEO as well.


“Ashish Bardia took my consultancy and that helped him to grow his instagram profile from 4200 to 220,000 in less than 7 months!”

Why Work With Me?

I’m a certified Consultant & Digital Marketing expert along with extensive experience. My innovative strategy to smart campaigns and promotional material coordination aid in the development of your Instagram & Youtube corporate image and fan base. I provide the resources to assist you to achieve your goals, with a tough path record in brand building & growth strategy.


What I Can Do For Your Business